Test and Tag in Southern Tasmania

Test and Tag in Southern Tasmania

Chris Kilpatrick and Lis Afeaki

Chris and Lis joined the ATS network in December 2017.

Lis’s warm friendly personality and contagious enthusiasm for life ensures she is a client favourite! Prior to establishing her ATS business with Chris, Lis had a varied career that included senior roles in hospitality management, managing large international events and venues, emergency medical training, equipment and medic personnel placement, and fast moving consumer goods. She has a Degree in Business, a Certificate in Project Management and a Certificate in Risk Management. A Tasmanian local, mother of 3 and lover of the outdoors, Lis is a master at keeping all the balls in the air.

Chris brings with him over 30 years’ experience in the Construction sector, and 8 years’ experience in Electrical Safety and Essential Services. Born in Melbourne, Chris moved to Tasmania when he was 14 which we are confident makes him a Tasmanian local! Having been self-employed his whole life, Chris knows how hard business people work to enjoy success, and just how important it is to keep your business moving to achieve that success. A father of four, a step-father of three and a grandfather of one, Chris has a knack for finding solutions.

As part of the ATS network, Chris and Lis’s clients have access to ATS’s interactive online reporting portal, and can tap in to the combined resources of a truly national service provider.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, Chris, Lis and ATS can handle your service requirements.

You can find out more about ATS’s services in Tasmania here.


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