Doesn't your workplace deserve ATS protection?

ATS are nationwide experts in electrical safety

Trust your Essential Services and Fire Protection to the experts

Electrical safety testing specialists

ATS services include Electrical Test and Tag, RCD (safety switch) Testing, Fire Protection Equipment Inspection and Testing, and Exit and Emergency Lighting Inspection and Testing.  

ATS are a specialist electrical safety and essential services provider with over 15 years of experience, and our complete range of services ensures your business provides a safe workplace for your staff and customers. 

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Leased Equipment

Whilst the 2003 standard made many references to the requirements for hired equipment, there was no refere...

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Electricity Basics: Part I

Electricity Basics: Part I

Part I Previously on this blog we discussed the basic items on an electricity bill, as over the...

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    "Don't be fooled by the covering" Part III: Electricity basics
  • 20 Nov
    MYTH: "Wood does not conduct electricity". Get that wooden spoon out of the toaster! Unplugged or not, you're not as safe as you think....
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    Like to know more about our #franchise? Join us in Cairns for our franchise info session -18th November 6.30pm - contact for more info.