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Electrical Safety | Insulated Pins

Sarah Allen

Since 2005 it has been against safety regulations to sell or hire electrical appliances and equipment without insulated pins on the plug.

Insulated pins greatly increase the safety of an appliance as they stop accidental contact between the active pins of plugs where not fully engaged in a socket. The insulation is placed on 240 volt plug tops and equipment at the plug end of the pin - the tip of the pin therefore is the only part of the pin that engages with the live part of the socket. The image above shows a power board with insulated pins on the plug.

There is no requirement for appliances to be retro-fitted with insulated pins, but should repair works to the plug of an appliance be required, a plug with insulated pins should be fitted.

Items without insulated pins do not automatically fail as part of a Test and Tag program to AS/NZS 3760:2010.

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