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Exit & Emergency Light Testing



Exit & Emergency Light Inspection and Testing

In the event of a serious incident in your workplace, your staff and customers will need to quickly and safely exit a potentially dangerous environment.

It is therefore imperative your emergency and exit lighting systems are functioning correctly and in accordance with AS 2293.  In fact, under the Building Code of Australia, all required emergency lighting systems muct comply with AS 2293.1 (Installation Standard). 

ATS technicians are trained and qualified to inspect and test your system on a 6 monthly basis in accordance with AS 2293.2 (Inspection and Maintenance Standard) to ensure your system is compliant.

Your comprehensive inspection and test includes the following services:-

  • Discharge Test
  • Replacement of Tubes and Starters
  • Cleaning of Diffusers

At the conclusion of testing, ATS will also provide you with all documentation required under Fire Safety legislation and Essential Safety Measures guidelines, including compliance certificate and completed log book.

For further information on your requirements, Energy Safe Victoria have prepared guidelines here




fluorocycleATS encourage all clients, large and small, to recycle their fluorocesent lamps and are a signatory to the FluoroCycle scheme.  

Currently, 90% of all of fluro lamps are sent to landfill - which is contributing to dangerous levels of mercury in our environment.

ATS can provide you details on cost effective ways you can recycle your fluoro lamps and ensure electrical safety for future generations.