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Minor Repair Services

Over 10 years of experience tells us that up to 10% of appliances will fail.

In keeping with our goal of minimal disruption to your business’s daily activities, following approval ATS technicians can complete repairs to the plug or socket of your portable electrical appliances ore replace lamps should they be required.   ATS will only recommend the repair of an item should it be cost effective to do so.

Your friendly ATS technician also carries stock of replacement Powerboards, IEC Leads, Extension Leads and Lamps to keep your business up and running.

Its all part of the ATS service!

Please note, due to local QLD licensing restrictions, plug and socket repairs cannot currently be completed by ATS technicians in QLD.


fluorocycleATS encourage all clients, large and small, to recycle their fluorocesent lamps and are a signatory to the FluoroCycle scheme. 

Currently, 90% of all of fluro lamps are sent to landfill - which is contributing to dangerous levels of mercury in our environment.

ATS can provide you details on cost effective ways you can recycle your fluoro lamps and ensure electrical safety for future generations.