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Experience is Vital


Ask anyone who has completed a one day course whether they know everything possible about the subject they have just studied, and the answer will be a resounding NO.

Test and tag is no exception. The number and diversity of appliances, environments and faults encountered by technicians simply cannot be taught in one day! It takes years for any tradesman to learn his craft - learning that comes through experience and education - and from experience we understand that it takes at least 6 months of full time testing for technicians to become comfortable with testing protocols, sometimes longer!

Now we all know everyone has to start somewhere and that technicians actually need to work to gain their experience, so if you are thinking of choosing a local provider with limited experience, it is a worthwhile investment to check out their support systems.

  • Do they have access to an electrician that can give them advice on more technical questions?
  • Are they part of a broader network that will provide them with support?
  • If they encounter an intricate 3 phase piece of machinery, who can they confer with on the best way to test the appliance without causing damage to themselves or the equipment?

Don’t trust your valuable assets to just anyone …. engage a technician that has taken the time to learn their craft or at least has the support systems required should their be an issue.