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The Tech Company

The Tech Company

The “Tech” company

“Technology” is a word that will soon need to be redefined.

There was an announcement last week from Apple Computers. They’re launching ‘Apple Energy’. That’s right: Apple is getting into the renewable energy game. We all know this is a growing industry, but have you noticed a trend lately with other growing industries?

Let’s recap a few recent topics:

Electric driverless cars

Renewable Energy

Wearable health monitoring devices

They’re spearheaded by companies whose humble beginnings began with the creation of a search engine…or a social network….or a computer game. Now they’re entering automotive, health, infrastructure…

Apple’s decision to go the path of renewable energy to this extent may seem unusual, but a closer look at the path to get here unveils a bigger shift in the way businesses think about energy.

Apple was one of the early names to sign onto RE100, a group of the world’s biggest companies committed to 100% renewable power. In its 2016 Environmental Responsibility Report, Apple said it’s already well on its way, claiming 93% of its worldwide energy usage comes from renewables.

This is more than a PR stunt: it is an indication that the mindset of big tech business is changing; where diversifying has become paramount. No greater example than the creators of iTunes now getting into the business of renewable energy! The question is, how does this move, and others like it, impact the rest of us?

Companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple are transcending the perception of the tech company. Their resources and reach are unlike any other, which means they are best in position to lead world change…so that’s exactly what they’re doing. This means ‘disruptive tech’ that can transform industries in very short periods of time.

As a business owner, keep an eye on some of those ‘tech’ articles a little more closely. At some point in time their path will likely cross yours so it pays to stay ahead of the tech game, as it’s a game we’re now all being asked to play to succeed.