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Why Should I Test and Tag? Won't my RCD protect me?

Why Should I Test and Tag?  Won't my RCD protect me?

RCD’s simply cannot replace Test and Tag

It is a common misconception that RCDs remove all risk of electric shock or fire. This is not the case, as RCDs are an additional safety measure. It woudl be like cycling into danger because you’re wearing a helmet – we all know how foolish that would be!

How does a RCD actually work?

When current accidently flows through a person to earth, a RCD can help protect the person against electric shock. Although it will not protect them from the shock altogether, it will cease the electricity flow quickly enough to save that person’s life.

However, what a RCD cannot do is protect against electric shock when current flows through a person from phase to neutral, or from phase to phase. For example, when someone touches both live and neutral contacts, a RCD is not able to determine the difference between current flow through an intended load, or from flow through a person. In this instance, the RCD will not trip and the electricity flow will not be stopped.

Safety is more than ‘peace of mind’. In fact, it’s only peace of mind if you know and can prove to yourself that your staff and business is 100% safe from electrical shock. Know for certain that what you have in place is correct and look at electrical safety as an essential part of doing business rather than just an action taken to comply with regulations.

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