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How to avoid wasting time

How to avoid wasting time


The diagram above is relatable to some more than others. Productivity drop off can be attributed to a number of things – some within our control, some not so much. Day to day or week-to-week, it can look like this:


As electricians that have tackled countless time sensitive projects, we’re more than aware of the value of time. This is why we put much of our resources into maintaining the most efficient methods for testing and tagging so that we lead the field. That’s our approach to business in general. In fact, it’s the basis of our entire business model:

ATS team

We’re not a ‘top-heavy’ company. Our infrastructure is built to get things done, not have endless meetings with no action! The bottom line is we value time as much as you. Some would argue that time is the most valuable commodity – more than money – because money you can regain, while time is gone for good.

In business, however, we can face both! Lost time, lost money. We sometimes remember this at the wrong times. Here lies the problem when it comes to electrical safety…or for that matter, safety in general: it is still often misperceived as a drain of time and money. That misperception must change, an innovative solutions is what will change them.

Solutions to increase productivity and save time are everywhere but they can get lost amongst the clutter of cold callers and advertising. It’s not easy for the solutions to find you, or vice versa. Our Rapid Test Systems is the perfect example. Testing hundreds of RCDs at once from one location, versus testing each RCD individually. One method is quick and seamless; the other ensures your staff are disrupted at their desk, electricians test the RCDs one at time, etc etc etc.. yet many companies are still doing the latter.

We convince ourselves that certain tasks hurt our productivity when in fact it may be more the case that those tasks need a tweak. As the year winds down this is a good time to re-evaluate some of your processes, including safety. 2016 is approaching, time to change your company’s diagram!