What equipment needs testing in my workplace?

All electrical items designed for connection by flexible supply cord and plug top to 240v or 415v volt power needs to be inspected, tested and tagged in every type of workplace, organisation, or community centre.

The following items are excluded from testing and tagging under AS/NZS 3760:2010:-

  • Fixed or “hard wired” items
  • Items at a height exceeding 2.5mtrs
  • Items which need to be dismantled to establish safety of operation
  • Demonstration items, sample items or new stock in a retail or warehouse outlet

Does our "Safety Switch" (RCD) need regular testing and tagging?

Yes. Your RCD needs to be tested and tagged in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2010 to ensure that it will respond in a fault situation, and that it will also respond within the required time frame. Should it not trip in the required time, a fatal and extensive electric shock may be delivered.

Additionally, WHS Regulations state all businesses must have a RCD protecting all hostile circuits, and that the RCDs must be tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2010.

ATS will inspect, test and tag your RCDs to ensure that they comply with the standard and safe lives in an emergency situation.

Do my double insulated appliances require testing and tagging?

Double insulated appliances (eg drills, angle grinders, and some kitchen appliances) only have two pins - an active and a neutral. The plugs of some double insulated appliances may have an earth pin which is not connected. These items usually have the markings of a square box within a square box or double D. These symbols indicate that the appliance is double insulated.

Double insulated appliances should be tested and tagged in accordance with Table 4 of AS/NZS 3760:2010 or the QLD Electrical Safety Regulations 2013.

Can ATS repair my items if they fail testing?

ATS are committed to ensuring your business experiences minimal disruption during the testing and tagging of your items. ATS therefore offer a convenient on site Plug and Socket repair service and can supply replacement Extension Leads, IEC Leads and Powerboards.

Please note, due to state legislation, on site Plug and Socket repairs are not permitted to be completed by ATS in QLD.

ATS can also supply Fire Extinguishers and arrange for the repair of RCDs and Exit and Emergency Lighting systems.

What is testing and tagging?

Test and TagTest and Tag is a process of carefully visually inspecting each appliance for damage to flex, connections, guards, covers and plug by a competent technician. Once the technician is assured the item is safe to electrically inspect, the item’s insulation, earthing and polarity may be tested to ensure it is electrically safe.

Test and Tag is a method of ensuring compliance with Australian WHS and Electrical Safety regulations and workplace safety.

Portable appliances such as power tools and kettles are items that are most frequently handled by workers are also the most open to abuse and hostile environmental conditions – which can cause them to become electrically unsafe. Under most state and territory regulations, these appliances in hostile operating environments must be tested and tagged on a regular basis to ensure their safe operation.

In order to comply with WHS legislation and satisfy your duty of care, all workplaces Australia-wide must be able to demonstrate safe systems of work; as such detailed records of the test are kept by the technician.

Testing and tagging has been implemented in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom as a strategy to ensure the safety of portable electrical appliances in the workplace and is legislated in Australia.

You can refer to more information on our Test and Tag page.

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Are ATS registered electrical contractors?

Whilst it is not a requirement in most states of Australia, ATS are registered electrical contractors in the following states:-

NSW 186647C’s

VIC 17458

QLD 67018

ACT 17458

TAS 947598

NT C2189

How soon can I start?

Setting up a new business, be it a franchise or otherwise, needs a great deal of thought and consideration. For this reason at ATS we dont like to rush our franchisee selection process and prefer that prospective franchisees take enough time to ensure that they have conducted their own research and due diligence and sought appropriate advice from third party advisers before signing on the dotted line.

ATS currently has territories available across all Australian States and Territories and, as the ATS test and tag franchise is a mobile business our recruitment process is not delayed by searching for suitable available premises or entering into lengthy lease negotiations.

However to ensure compliance with the disclosure requirements of the Franchise Code of Conduct, we estimate that the minimum period from initial enquiry to the first day in your new business could be 6-8 weeks.

Do you offer Territories?

Yes, we believe that by having a territory, or Designated Marketing Area as we prefer to call them, our franchisees can grow and develop their local test and tag business and build a tangible asset for their future.

ATS currently has DMA's available in all States and Territories.

Does ATS have a Quality system certified to ISO 9001?

ATS’s quality control procedures provide protocols and reporting recognised as the best available in Australia. ATS is also in the process of achieving QA certification to ISO 9001.

Is it cheaper to conduct testing and tagging in-house?

If you are contemplating conducting testing and tagging in-house, you will need to consider the purchase of the appropriate equipment along with the ongoing training of your staff.

Some of the main factors to consider are:-

  • Initial and ongoing staff training in testing and tagging
  • Testing Equipment and Printer
  • Test Tags
  • Australian Standards and guidance materials
  • Purchase and training in the use of reporting software

Based on over 15 years of direct testing and tagging experience, we know that an in house test and tag program will cost you more than an outsourced service. An outsourced service also holds the appropriate insurances.

If your organisation is currently conducting an in-house testing program we suggest you compare the internal costs of maintenance to outsourced contract service from ATS. We are confident the results will surprise you!