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Why are double adaptors dangerous?


A double adaptor rarely includes overload protection. Should the two items using the two socket outlets suddenly draw more current, the double adaptor could overload and an electrical fire could result. The propensity for electrical fire increases should double adaptors be "piggy backed" in order to provide more outlets thus increasing the current draw on the first double adaptor. Double adaptors and power boards should NEVER be "daisy chained" together – it is a recipe for disaster!

Double adaptors are extremely dangerous, and ATS certainly do not recommend the use of double adaptors in any environment. For a temporary increase in the number of general purpose outlets (GPO's), ATS recommend the use of a Powerboard with overload protection. You can identify these are they contain a reset switch or button. For permanent increase in the number of GPO’s please contact a licensed electrical contractor for a permanent and safe solution.

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