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Do you have to be an electrician to test and tag? 

Sarah Allen

No an electrician is not required to complete testing and tagging, however electricians can complete testing and tagging should they be deemed competent to do so.

AS/NZ3760:2010 specifies a competent person as one with the required practical and theoretical skills attained through ongoing training, qualification and experience (or a combination of them), that can use test equipment safely and effectively, have an understanding of the dangers of electricity, understand electrical appliance principles, the application and requirements of AS/NZS 3760:2010 and understand relevant state legislative requirements.

Some electricians may use only a multimeter and an insulation tester to complete testing and tagging, or some may use one of the low cost Pass/Fail PAT testers on the market. These methods do not comply with the requirements of AS/NZ3760:2010.

It is mandatory for leakage current tests to be undertaken with equipment that has an electronic, magnetic or membrane type on/off switch. Most modern office equipment uses membrane type On/Off electronic switches as do many power tools. Examples of magnetic switches include new toasters (which will not latch without power applied) and new power tools. These appliances must be powered up to get past the electronic or magnetic switch, and the item cannot be powered up by testing with a multimeter and insulation tester.

If your provider is testing using only a multimeter and an insulation tester, you may find that your appliances have a fault beyond the switch that cannot be detected through their testing. This type of testing does not satisfy your duty of care to provide a safe workplace.

In QLD, an electrician is not required to complete testing and tagging, however your competent technician in QLD needs to hold a QLD Restricted Electrical Contractors Licence.