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How often do I need to test and tag?

Sarah Allen

Depending on your State of operation, either your states Workplace Health and Safety Regulations, Electrical Safety Regulations, or the current Australian standard, AS/NZS 3760:2010 will specify frequency you need to test and tag your portable electrical appliances and RCD’s (Residual Current Devices or Safety Switches).

The retest frequencies are normally determined by the environment your appliance is operating in – you are likely to have different environments within your business location which means your appliances will be subject to different retest frequencies even within your one location.

As an example, our offices In Melbourne have a workshop, kitchen, bathrooms and a meeting room. The retest freqency for the appliances in our non hostile general office areas is 5 yearly, the items in our bathrooms, meeting room, kitchen and hostile areas of our office space is 12 monthly, and items in our workshop 6 monthly.

ATS have developed a State by State summary of your retest freqency requirements which you can view here.

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