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The Importance of Testing and Tagging

Sarah Allen

Employers owe it to their employees to guarantee a safe, hazard-free work environment. Unfortunately, guaranteeing a safe workplace can be difficult if portable electronic equipment is used on a regular basis, as many problems with the equipment are not spotted until it is too late. That is why test and tag services are so important – they improve the electrical safety of the workplace.

Why Testing and Tagging is Needed in the Workplace

Portable electronic equipment, if it is faulty, can cause a number of problems that could jeopardise the safety of an employee. These problems range from burns and shocks, to electrocutions and electrical fires.

Identifying faulty portable electronic equipment isn't as easy as it sounds. Many problems, such as current leakage or improper earth continuity, cannot be seen by the naked eye. This means the problem is present, but it is left unfixed because the employer is unaware of it.

Testing and tagging services thoroughly inspect each item of portable electronic equipment in the workplace. These inspections are done to identify any existing problems and to create an ongoing checking schedule.

When an employer uses testing and tagging services from a company like Appliance Tagging Services, a skilled and knowledgeable ATS technician will come to the workplace. This technician will conduct both visual and electrical testing that will identify any problems with the electrical equipment.

Problems that the technicians are looking for include:

  • Frayed wires or cords
  • Safety switches that don't trip
  • Faults in the wiring
  • Damaged equipment caused by moisture or exposure to harsh elements/chemicals
  • Current leakage
  • Earthing system faults
  • Insulation resistance

After the inspection, the technician will place a test tag on any equipment tested. The tag has the results of the test: who performed the test, the date the test was performed, and when the equipment needs to be retested. A log of all test results and findings is also provided to the employer, which allows them to determine what problems may be present.

Once the problems are identified, employers can take the necessary steps they need to fix the problems and bring safety back to the workplace.

Testing and Tagging – Protects the Employer in the Event of an Accident

When working around portable electrical equipment, there is always a risk that an accident could happen. Employers need to take every precaution necessary to make sure they are protected, in a legal manner, should an accident occur.

Testing and tagging services can help provide employers with a certain level of protection should an accident occur in the workplace. These services show that an employer took the necessary precautions to make the workplace as safe as possible by having the equipment inspected on a regular basis.

Employers that use regular testing and tagging services comply with the safety standards for Australia. In the event an accident should occur and the employer can show compliance with these safety standards, he or she may be able to avoid hefty fines or even imprisonment; both of which are consequences of breaching safety regulations set by a state or territory.

Insurance Companies Offer Lower Rates for Employers that Regularly Test and Tag

Insurance premiums are often determined based on a risk assessment the insurance company performs. The lower the risk, the lower the premiums are because the insurance company believes there is less of a chance of an accident occurring. Employers that regularly undergo test and tag services often have lower premiums.

Regular testing and tagging services may lower insurance premiums because it shows that there are few chances for an electrical accident to occur on the worksite. The risk is lessened because an inspection has been performed and any problems were identified – and eventually fixed – which keeps the workplace safe.

Lower insurance premiums aren't the only reason employers need to consider regular testing and tagging. Employers need to consider it because they could lose their insurance altogether, or face crippling insurance premiums.

Insurance companies may drop an employer if they do not comply with state and territory laws. Losing insurance coverage could have major financial consequences, as employers could face stiff fines.

In addition, should an accident occur the insurance company might not be required to provide coverage for a claim. If regular test and tag services have not been performed, the insurance company may be legally allowed to deny any insurance claim.

Testing and tagging is extremely important for any employer, which is why it is a service that should only be performed by a trusted expert. Appliance Tagging Services is Australia's expert test and tag service provider. Contact us today to learn more about the importance of testing and tagging or to schedule an appointment for one of our technicians to come provide test and tag services.

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