Electrical Safety | Staff who Work from Home

Sarah Allen

I was at a Employee Relations seminar yesterday (aparently Employee Relations is the new HR) and the topic of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) for employees who work from home came up.

The expert leading the discussion stated that regardless of how often your employees work from home, the employer has a responsibility to do everything reasonable practical ensure their home workplace was safe as it is deemed part of the workplace for WHS purposes.

He didnt know any members of the audience were in the electrical safety business so I was delighted when the first things he said needed to be checked by the employer in the employees home was the test and tag of the portable electrical items and the testing of the RCD. He then went on to add the employer needed to also ensure the chair was safe, their was enough natural light in the workspace and that the employee had access to running water.

If you have employees working from home, ensuring their electrical safety is vital – ATS can assist you in setting up a test and tag program that includes your RCD testing and fire extinguisher inspection and testing on a regular basis.