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Electricity basics: Part III

Electricity basics: Part III

Welcome to Part III of our series on the basics of electricity! Staying on topic with summer now approaching we continue looking at the risks that surround the house. However, risks aren’t always in front of you. Don’t forget, before commencing any work around your house, to “look up, look down, look around”!

Be aware of overhead wires

When busy performing a task we can easily forget what surrounds us, including what is overhead. This is especially the case if we’re elevated ie using a ladder, as our steadiness can be compromise and we can overcompensate to maintain balance in unexpected ways. Take extra care when working near overhead power lines – maintain a safe distance of three metres or more from overhead power lines. If you need to be closer, contact a professional on safe limits of approach.

Don’t be fooled by the covering

Coverings on overhead wires to your home should not be trusted. Years of wear and tear from age and weather conditions cause deterioration. Remember the covering is the merely the casing, not the vessel for electricity travel.

Plant trees away from power lines

Make sure any trees you plant won’t grow up into power lines. If you have a tree that has grown into power lines please don’t attempt to prune trees around power lines yourself. Contact a professional for assistance.

Never climb electrical utility poles or towers

This one speaks for itself, but must be repeated as often within the urgency of the moment we forget the most obvious of rules. So to re-iterate, please DO NOT climb utility poles or towers for ANY purpose!

And yes, there may be power down below too!

Underground power equipment

Out of sight, out of mind…but not always in the way we would like. –Don’t forget that in some areas, electrical wires and facilities are underground. If you plan to dig deeper than 30 cm call your energy provider to locate underground power lines.