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Electricity basics: Part IV

Electricity basics: Part IV

The last instalment of our series “Electricity: the basics” moves us away from the streets; away from the backyards and front yards…and in to our own homes.

If you’ve been following, you’ll now know that electricity is a more present risk that we sometimes take for granted…so when you consider these risks are just present in every bedroom, bathroom and kitchen in Australia, there’s no further proof we must be thorough with our electrical safety practices. They must be daily habits, not an action that takes place “when you remember” or “when you have time”.

Here’s seven tips on electrical safety within the household:

  1. Replace or repair damaged electrical appliances that may have frayed cords, cracked housing, or broken plugs.
  2. Turn off power points and appliances when you’re not using them, or if you’re leaving home.
  3. Keep exhaust fans clean and free of lint and dust
  4. Make sure your appliances have adequate breathing space so they don’t overheat.
  5. Be careful when you’re using electrical appliances or extension cords near wet areas like sinks, bathrooms and swimming pools
  6. Always switch the toaster off before trying to remove any food caught in the unit, and make sure you regularly remove breadcrumbs
  7. Make sure you know where your switchboard is located. Keep access to it clear and label the switches, circuit breakers and fuses so you always know what’s what.

Source: Origin Energy


This series of blog posts are intended to educate and inform those that may be unaware. Please share this with family and friends – household safety should be an open discussion, one we should want to have so we can learn from each other.