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We’re going to discuss the basics of electricity. Ironically, electricity is so powerful and we’re so reliant on it on a daily basis, yet  many people know little about it.  Perhaps more concerning are the myths that many believe today

Metal is an excellentconductor and so metal ladders are a natural hazard around overhead power lines,  but then again so is water. No matter what the ladder is made of, if it’s wet or can get wet, it can create an electrical hazard. Also, most ladders contain metal in some form so it’s best practice to keep  all ladders away from overhead power lines.

We continue looking at the risks that surround the house. However, risks aren’t always in front of you. Don’t forget, before commencing any work around your house, to “look up, look down, look around”!

The last instalment of our series “Electricity: the basics” moves us away from the streets; away from the backyards and front yards…and in to our own homes.

Productivity drop off can be attributed to a number of things – some within our control, some not so much. Day to day or week-to-week ....

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If you ask most people that have started a business, they’ll tell you the biggest challenge in the first 12 – 24 months is minimising your risk. Sure we have our ideas, we have our enthusiasm…but do we know what we’re doing?

Testing and Tagging of appliances was traditionally the role of electricians on construction sites. The rise of testing and tagging as part of a comprehensive electrical safety management program has seen the growth and development of an industry dominated by

Although Australia is one nation, we currently have different Testing and Tagging legislation in each State of Australia. Legislation in most states is comparable; however the Testing and Tagging regulations in QLD differ greatly from the rest of the country.

Appliance Tagging Services franchisees specialise in providing Electrical Safety Assessments and Testing & Reporting Management Systems in accordance with Australian Safety Standards and Workplace Health and Safety legislation.