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Electricity in the Workplace Electrical hazards exist in almost all workplaces, from offices to hospitals and construction sites. Each year throughout Australia there are numerous electrical accidents at work involving electric shock, many of which are fatal. An electric shock is defined as the effect when an electrical circuit and the current flows through a person's body. This...

This article was first published in Electrical Connection in April 2010

Tough times often prompt tough decisions, and sometimes the toughest decision can be when to make changes, and when to stick to your guns.

Why do so many small businesses fail? Could it be that as 'The Boss' suddenly everything rests on your shoulders

As a service franchisor seeking to grow our brand through franchising, we come across a lot of skepticism from prospective franchisees. Is it any wonder? The media is full of reports of rogue franchisors and unethical franchising practices, and yet, the franchise industry is continuing to grow and thrive in Australia.